Ano-Guard Sacrificial Anodes


The following photos are of stock troughs in the Northern South Australian area, approximately 4-5 years old which had suddenly started to experience general corrosion prematurely. It is believed that the manufacturer had been supplied material with faulty galvanising, however the following serves to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of Ano-Guard sacrificial anodes in rural applications.

After the corrosion was established, several of the troughs had sacrificial anodes fitted and on these the corrosion was completely halted within a matter of weeks. The pitting of course is still apparent.

The water level was lowered for photographic clarity thus the suspended anode would normally be submerged. The total elimination of corrosion is quite apparent although the pitting, of course, remains. The anode is now approximately 2/3 of its original diameter.

We do not recommend that anodes be used to clear and manage existing corrosion, although they will do this very effectively, however it may not be cost effective.

Rather, they should be used to monitor and prevent corrosion with a surface coating acting as the primary barrier.